Fire Power Ministries

Fire power ministries with Dr. Stella- A Prayer, Deliverance and Spiritual warfare ministry.

Dominion Market Place

We are leveraging the information superhighway to create a global marketing company.

S.S. Institute of Management

S.S. Educational Trust came into being in the year 2009. It is crossing a mile stone year after year to achieve its goal.

Net2Net technologies

Net2Net Technologies , an integrated solutions Company, involved in developing web based software products and enterprise solutions.

Web Design & Development

Net2Net Technologies has a well-defined and mature application development .

Software Development

The provide consultancy and programming services to our clients ..

Internet Marketing & SEO/SMO

Our full-service approach, extensive knowledge of the technology.


n2n Technologies is one of the TOP IT companies in india. At Net2Net Technologies, we offer excellent website content, web development, software products and other IT related services and 24X7 support to both our national and transnational customers.
We provide opportunities and support to our employee to encourage their talent and treat our clients with respect, intelligence and courtesy.
Net2Net Technologies is capable of handling weekly, monthly and long terms contracts.


"Providing quality services at reasonable price is our aim"

Net2Net Lab Expertise




"Net2Net Technologies proved themselves as an asset for my Organization as their cutting edge technologies and brilliant track record is itself defines the success story of Indian brilliance."

Ms. Patricia Ullerman


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